Just how we’ve made it to half-way though December already is anyone’s guess.

Last time I looked it was Halloween. I somehow by-passed November 5th and fast-forwarded to now.

The last few weeks have included putting my Christmas tree up…


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Jeanne Pompadour Andrea lingerie set

If you thought ethical clothing was all about hessian sack dresses with a side order of hemp accessories then you need to broaden your style horizons as sustainable fashion just got sexy.

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cool story bro feat2

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over with it almost seems appropriate to drop the ‘C’ bomb. (No you filthy lot not that one).

Yes the Coca Cola truck will soon herald the holidays are a-coming.

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Central Park fountain us

You’ve been kept up-to-date with the meals we scoffed on holiday, but if you fancy having a butchers at some of the sights we saw, the outfits we wore and the sheer giddy joy of four girls being unleashed on New York then keep reading.

If it’s not your cup of tea fear not as normal vintage blogging service will resume shortly. Promise.

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