Kimono Warwick Castle sleeves out feat

I’m a bit of a fan of kimonos and kimono jackets.

Having gone from seeing them as a ‘costume’ piece and believing there’s no way I could wear one without feeling like I’m dressing up I’ve now got two in my wardrobe.

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vintage kimono mg midget 1970s5

You all know my love of all things vintage clothing… well my brother has a bit of a thing for classic motors. It’s obviously in our blood.

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vintage dress flowers3

Well hello there! Yes it’s been a while, but I’m still here occupying this little corner of the internet.

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Birmingham flat living room kitchen

It FINALLY happened. I moved out of my bijou Wimbledon digs, travelled 100 miles up the motorway with the help of the entire Manc Vintage clan and moved into my own place.

I’ve been here a month and only managed to get internet sorted yesterday which is why I’m late posting this.

So let’s take a virtual tour of the place…

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