Getting Ziggy with it: Romford vintage stores, 1970s fashions and the inability to buy booze without ID


Vintage sheepskin coat feat

Romford. Home to many of TOWIE’s finest, a stellar crop of charity shops and vintage stores, and the place where it’s nigh-on impossible to buy booze if you don’t have ID. I learnt the latter fact this weekend when as I approach my Continue reading

Underground, overground Wombling free… in Wimbledon Village


Wimbedon Village florist close-up

I can’t believe January’s gone already. (Where the hell did that go?!) The Christmas decorations are long down and I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things work-wise. A couple of weekends ago I decided to go a-wandering Continue reading

OOTDs: What I wore on Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve 2014

NYE 2014 pout

Continuing the theme of my earlier Christmas posts (New Year, new me, New York and The long and the short of it) this season has been all about diametric fashion opposites. In the last couple of weeks I’ve either sported ankle Continue reading

New Year, new me, New York: Mancunian Vintage’s 2014 year in review – in pictures

2014 year in review Mancunian Vintage

To use a footballing analogy 2014 has been a game of two halves. The first six months got off to a ropey start which quickly descended into a complete and utter shambles. I soon realised there would be no relationship Continue reading