Greenwich stripy skirt red heels vintage denim jacket

It’s been a year since I upped sticks from Manchester and migrated down south to warmer climes. Can you believe it?

Last Bank Holiday weekend I decided to leave my south west London patch, meet up with friends and head east to explore what Greenwich had to offer.

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I woke up like this charity shop t-shirt mid sunnies

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS! *Disclaimer* I may not have…

At the risk of sounding like that Protein World advert I asked myself this very question before heading out of the door on Saturday.

After a few minutes dithering over it, I thought ‘well I’m as ready as I’ll ever be’ quickly followed by ‘sod it, I’m wearing it!’

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It’s amazing the difference a year can make.

This time twelve months ago I was taking an extended break in the countryside (how very Jane Austen of me), tackling a pyracantha hedge with great gusto – and caution due to its huge spikes – and crying a lot.

Break-ups are tough and at the time it felt like someone had punched a hole right through me.

But as time has gone on I feel so much better, and at the risk of sounding like a raging hippy I recently took stock at the things that make me happy.

(1) Surrounding myself with wonderful people

Whether it’s my friends – even when we’re all suspiciously wearing the same outfit…

bridesmaid shona's wedding hlc

…. or sporting the same v. attractive helmet.

Barcelona segway helen shona emma

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I’ve clocked up nearly twelve months in Wimbledon – that’s a year of writing, teaching, editing, reviewing, eating, drinking, dancing and laughing.

Although I’ve made the most of where I live since moving here I’ve generally avoided the popular places where you’re likely to be swamped by tourists.

Although this has meant the UK has avoided a diplomatic incident of epic proportions (v. good) it does mean that I’ve been missing out on some of the amazing things London has to offer (v. bad).

London Eye

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