What to wear over the festive season: Glamorous vintage-inspired Christmas and New Year outfits

I love having the opportunity to get all glammed up– throw in some tinsel and a dollop of festive celebrations and I’m all over it.

Don’t get me wrong I love a Christmas jumper as much as the next person but there comes a time when style must overcome comfort.

I’ll be dressing to the nines this Christmas and New Year and have already got some new-to-me purchases lined up.

The sewing machine’s on standby ready for a few minor tweaks but once that’s done I’m ready to party.

Do you remember a while back when I shared the pictures from my trip to alternative portrait studio Alt Studio?

Simon transformed me from a dishevelled vintage enthusiast into this, capturing looks from my favourite eras including the 50s:

polka dot pose blog


black and white 60s blog

… and 70s

70s hippy blog 2

The 1950s shown here would work perfectly during day-time celebrations and with a flared-out skirt would make it stylish and comfortable, particularly in light of a post-Christmas dinner waistline.

But is’s the glitz and glamour of the 1960s where I’ll mainly be getting my evening look inspiration from.

Whether it’s going the whole hog and donning a floor-sweeping number or just taking some hair and make-up influences, this style has got 2013 going into 2014 written all over it.


The maxi dress would be perfect for a refined New Year’s Eve celebratory meal with family,but if you’re looking to shimmy your way into next year a thigh-skimming mini dress paired with some killer heels and a beehive might be a better choice.

Speaking of refined (something I rarely do over at MV) there was one shot from the Alt Studio shoot I didn’t get chance to show you last time… what do you reckon?

60s blue gown blowing a kiss

I’m sharing it not only because I like the pic, but also because it’s one of a number of competition entries… the one with the most likes gets a canvas copy.

And who wouldn’t want to be an egotistical so-and-so and have one to hang on your wall?!

If you want to help a vintage sister out, all you have to do is like it on Facebook…. the link can be rather handily found here.

What will you be wearing this Christmas? Will it be a jeans-free zone or are you donning a Christmas jumper of epic proportions?

Pictures courtesy of Simon Hunt at Alt Studio.

10 thoughts on “What to wear over the festive season: Glamorous vintage-inspired Christmas and New Year outfits

  1. Liked and shared, beautiful pic! I’m hoping for a xmas jumper this year, everyone but me had one last time round :( There will be huge sulking if I don’t get one, I can tell you! I love a good dress-up occasion, trickiest is the “afternoon drinks party”, where I do like to wear a frock if possibly but sequins are just a little OTT…I’ve got a lovely red dress and leopard print kitten heels for just that occasion, with a gold 70s brooch to set it off, now if only I had my own personal hairdresser *sigh* …

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