What I wore to the Bourne Classic Car Show

vintage kimono mg midget 1970s5

You all know my love of all things vintage clothing… well my brother has a bit of a thing for classic motors. It’s obviously in our blood.

A few weekends we got to indulge both at the Bourne Classic Car Show.

I flung on this jumpsuit and vintage kimono that I bought in New York to shamelessly pose up next to his MG Midget.

Isn’t it a beaut?

vintage kimono mg midget 1970s

I’m wearing the infamous kimono dubbed the ‘snackimono’ due to its huge sleeves – perfect for storing snacks – that I wore on the flight back from New York.

At the airport one woman turned to her husband and asked really loudly ‘why is that woman wearing a dressing gown?’



Anyway for those of you who know the difference between a dressing gown and a kimono, here it is being worn a little closer to home with the family.

This picture cracks me up each time I look at it.

Mum’s posing like a pro, Dad’s gurning for no apparent reason, I’m flashing a majorly gummy smile while my brother’s struggling to work out where the camera is.

Family selfie Bourne Classic Car Show 2016


Aside from the MG Midget this Cadillac stole my heart. Hubba hubba.

I could totally see myself cruising down the road in this sexy machine.

Pink Cadillac

And we’re both rocking pink. Clearly this meeting was meant to be….


Finally… 10/10 to this pub’s signmaker. Frankly it would be rude to say no.


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