What I wore this week: Perfect pre-loved wedding guest dress

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Its a pretty bold claim – a perfect pre-loved dress?

Well obviously I’m going to be a touch biased…but if you’re looking for comfort, style, ability to dance (a key factor) and a decent price tag then the odds seem to be stacking up in this little number’s favour.

On Saturday I was lucky enough to to celebrate the wedding of Burnley power couple Andrew and Kim Greaves.

I gave this dress its first outing (sorry for having to rely on a selfie – the rest of the night I was too busy catching up with people and dancing to be bothered to pose for lots of pics).


I picked it up at a shop that used to (*sob*) sell just pre-loved wedding and prom outfits in Lincolnshire.

I loved having a rummage through the beautifully-curated rails and playing dress up in the fitting room.

Normally I steer away from black (as you’re well aware I loved bold colours) but the pattern on this one caught my eye just as I was leaving the store.

It fitted like a glove and this Phase Eight number soon ended up in a brown paper bag and coming home with me. Oops.

what to wear to a wedding pre-loved phase eight

Apart from the look of it I love the fact that it’s in a forgiving stretchy fabric which was perfect for when the late night sarnies and chips made their rounds.

I could also easily move in it which was handy during a particularly enthusiastic performance of Proud Mary.

All this, and it doesn’t crease easily. Win win.

Here it is in action during a rare brief moment when we were stationary on the dance floor.

evening do NA crew2

And here’s a shameless pic that showcases the blow dry that took me a casual 58 minutes to complete (I have so much hair!)

what to wear to a wedding pre-loved phase eight smiling

The official do finished at the stroke of midnight but we decided to continue the after party on the coach home (complete with tuneless Abba and Bon Jovi renditions much to the driver’s delight) before ending up in a dive of a club in Burnley.

You know you’ve had a great night when you roll in at 3am, you’re entire body aches the next day and the craving for KFC is just too much.

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