Top 5 things to do on a wet UK Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Mondays are those days when the weekend is magically extended by a day. One whole day earmarked for lie-ins, explorations and plans to embrace the great outdoors (sometimes at vintage fairs). Inevitably said plans go awire when it decides to precipitate profusely (read piddle it down) and the thought of leaving the house suddenly doesn’t seem all that appealing. image So here’s my tongue-in-cheek guide for surviving yet another damp squib of a UK Bank Holiday. Hibernate After hearing it pitter patter on the roof and a quick trip to the window to confirm the presence of the wet stuff take a hop, skip and a jump back to bed and catch another hour’s sleep and/or watch a film in bed. Biscuits are optional (but recommended). Reminisce about nicer weather that graced the country earlier in the year… when you were stuck at work It’s the ultimate insult. You spend all your time behind a desk staring longingly at the sunshine teasing you from the window. When you get the chance to enjoy it decides to retreat behind a thick layer of cloud. Gee thanks. image Thankfully I’ve been having a lovely time in Cornwall and the sun has made several appearances. Mevagissey harbour is gorgeous… image Just look at that ocean! image The boats are so pretty too :) image Play board games A Casa Vintage holiday tradition is to shun the TV as much as possible (though it’s allowed in emergencies… see below!) and in the evening play cards, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly and the like. image Granted it’s usually accompanied by a few wines and a slab of chocolate but even without the vino it’s a fun, and  family-friendly, way to pass the time and it doesn’t depend on the weather. Get crafty If you’re at home, or a seasoned travel crafter, now might be the time to fire up the sewing machine or reach for the knitting needles. image image A whole day you can dedicate to making that special something that’s been lingering in the WIP pile for months or start a new project from scratch. It’s almost worth the weather being so bad! Catch up on your reading Whether you’re a paperback devotee, Kindle advocate or a blog lover now’s the time to sit back, relax and catch up on your reading. I’m working my way through Game of Thrones at the moment – what a book! image I’ll also be browsing Bloglovin when the fighting and *ahem* other stuff gets a bit much. What are you up to today? Whatever your plans, hope you have a good un!

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  1. Great tips. Doesn’t Cornwall look gorgeous? xxx

  2. Rosalind says:

    Brilliant ideas – even if tongue in cheek! My favorite – hibernate – yes please, can I?…
    Ah, have not been to Cornwall since I was tiny. It looks so very enticing.

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