Super simple refashion: How to give an old coat a new lease of life… just add buttons

Shopping, crafting, eating alarming amounts of cheese and discovering the wonder that is port.

What can I say? Last weekend was pretty darn fabulous.

Speaking of darning, in between all of the above we managed to fit in a wee post-port crafty project.

My sister-in-law has a faithful black coat which, she readily admitted, had seen better days. It sported a ripped lining along with broken and missing buttons.

Cue serious posing face:

Beck coatbefore

BEFORE: Coat before new buttons

broken buttons coat sleeve

CUFFIN’ HELL: Broken buttons

So on Saturday we hotfooted it to the crafty stall in Wigan Market, ummed and ahhed over the huge button range and then settled on these sparkly beauts.

sparkly buttons

BUTTON IT! Sparkly newcomers

First the torn lining was mended and then the buttons were added to both the front of the coat and the cuffs.

A fairly straightforward change granted but made a little trickier when you’ve just consumed a three-course meal and had a glass of wine or two!

Such a quick and simple change can really update a coat, give it a new lease of life and only costs pennies to do.

Beck coat garden after

SEW LOVELY: My sis-in-law and her coat

I decided to get in on the photographic action (and in the process hid all of the lovely new buttons in the process – nice one Helen!)

Beck Helen coat

TWINNIES! Sporting shades, busy prints and matching smiles

Then I decided to be a right drama queen…

Beck Helen coat3 drama

OH DAAARLING! Dramatic photo alert

Wonder what the neighbours thought?

Beck Helen coat4 drama

FUN N FROLICS: Chuckling in the sunshine

Just a quick one about Me-Made-May’14 – I’ll be doing a round-up post at the end of the month to showcase what I’ve been wearing (and making!)

The lilac cardi that I had planned to be done by the end of May has perhaps been scuppered due to the fact I had to frog practically the entire front left section, got angry about it and stashed it away for a week to calm down.

Who said knitting was relaxing?!


PURPLE RAGE: The offending cardigan

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  1. Those buttons make all the difference, the pair of you look fab! x

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