New York take two: Eating the best pizza in NYC, drinking in bars and hanging out with a shark

New York first night Oxfam jumper silly face

This is the face of an excited girl who has just landed in New York with friends, has explored the hotel suite and is about to go and eat at one of Manhattan’s best pizzerias.

I’ve been seriously lucky this year.

I went to New York with my mum in February, went to Barcelona with friends in May, had a staycation with the whole family in August and then jetted back to NYC last week. *sigh*

Louise first american accent flight to new yorkEXCITEMENT! Louise on the plane

This is my friend Louise hearing her first American accent of the holiday and discovering Magic Mike XXL is on the in-flight film list. As you can tell, she was pretty happy.

Our flight had a lot of turbulence so instead of my carefully planned two-hour kip we bunny-hopped across the Atlantic and I only got a 20-minute cat nap.

Flight to New York view from plane windowCOME FLY WITH ME: View from the aeroplane

But it meant we watched a lot of good films and ate decent airline meals, so every cloud eh?

New York first night Oxfam jumperSLEEP DEPRIVED BUT HAPPY: Heading for our first night out

After a seven-hour flight and braving the rush-hour traffic we landed at our digs The Leon Hotel.

The rooms and bathroom were big, the beds were super comfy, there was loads of storage for our (many) clothes and the TV was huge.

Check out the view we had from our bedroom window. Peeking out from behind that big building on the right is Freedom Tower.

New York skyline view from hotel roomGORGEOUS: View from our hotel suite

wpid-wp-1446068808640.jpgWASHINGTON BRIDGE: Another crackin’ view from the hotel

So what do you wear on your first night in the big city?

A fedora to cover up ‘flight hair’, a sparkly green jumper from Oxfam, dark jeans and comfy flats.

New York hotel Chinatown view out of windowREADY TO EXPLORE: Sitting on the window ledge… as you do

New York view from hotelENJOYING THE VIEW: Taking in Manhattan Bridge at sunset

For our first meal we went to Lombardi’s pizzeria. If you’re in or around Little Italy and want to sink your teeth into amazing pizza then this is the place to go.

Little Italy New York fire hydrantsLITTLE ITALY: Tricolour fire hydrant

I really should have plumped for an elasticated waist band – just look at the size of ’em!

This one was half meat and half white pizza. Yes that’s three cheeses and no tomato base. Ay carumba!

Lombardi's Pizza New York white pizzaDELICIOUS: Lombardi’s pizza

In a bid to be good (!) the second was all veggies.

Lombardis Pizza New YorkGRABBING A PIZZA THE ACTION: Onions, red onion and sweet peppers 

We then waddled over to Spring Bar for a nightcap.

Yes that’s a (model) shark covered in fairy lights bearing the slogan ‘life is short, drink early’.

wpid-wp-1445976668444.jpgSHARK ADVICE: Life is short, drink early

We hung out with Bruce the moose too…

Moose head Spring Lounge New YorkA MOOSE LOOSE, ABOOT THIS, ERM, BAR: Meet ‘Bruce’

Louise opted for the American classic of Budweiser while I fancied a Baileys (did someone say Christmas?)

I assumed it would be a small shot over lots of ice. I was wrong.

It took three of us to finish it.

Budweiser and Baileys American barBUCKET O’ BAILEYS? A truly bonkers serving

As we tottered back to the hotel we spotted this chap (and pet pooch) looking a little worse for wear…

Halloween Little Italy New York skeleton having a drinkFRIGHT NIGHT: This skeleton and doggy highlight the dangers of drinking too much

Keep an eye on the blog over the next few days for a Fitness Friday update, more New York pictures and a couple of reviews.

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