Mancunian Vintage’s best of 2015 featuring New York (twice), refashions and vintage dresses

London Fashion Week SS16 vintage floral dress vintage fedora3

Someone who’s more organised than me would have had this post written weeks ago with swish photo editing, witty captions and a detailed tome-like review of my year.

In fact last year I was on it in that respect, have a read of it here.

But this year I’m uploading this as I decide what to wear tonight (tricky), packing (even trickier) while pondering about where I’ll be come February next year (even trickier).

Still, I’ve had a mooch in the photo vaults and found a few pictures that brought a big smile to my face, so without further ado, here’s my best of 2015…


NYE 2014 pout

I’m cheating here a little bit as I think technically this was before the stroke of midnight so still December 2014.

But my ‘Ode to Les Dawson’ (and the look on my sister-in-law’s face) still makes me laugh (and the rest of January was pretty slow as I got back into the swing of work and, you know, not eating everything in sight).


Ah February, the month when fat chubby boys with wings are armed with a bow and arrow in a bid to make you fall in love.

This (former) single pringle trio decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by attending a Soho Sleaze night hosted by the East London Stripper Collective.

Twas a great night of singing, dancing and, well, stripping (them not us).

Valentine's Day Soho sleaze selfie3


This was the month I spent sifting through the hundreds of pictures I took on my New York trip with mum at the back end of February.

It was amazing to have a girly holiday with her in a place we’d never been to before.

There are a ridiculous number of pictures, so if you want to see more click here.

Mum and Helen mustard jumper close-up

Rockafeller Center New York top of the rock Empire State Building


Ah Easter time when I was reunited with the clan back in Wigan.

To celebrate mum and dad’s wedding anniversary we went out for a meal where I road tested this new-to-me vintage shirt dress and these vertiginous sandals.

1960s floral dress mum velvet dress

Mum and I also got snip happy with this red and white vintage maxi dress transforming it into a fab thigh-skimming number.

You can see the full refashion and instructions here.

1970s mini dress refashion strike a pose


I went to Barcelona with the girls for a few days where we enjoyed glorious sunshine, explored areas seeped in history and drank a fair bit of sangria.

Barcelona sea helen

We also went segwaying (complete with attractive helmets). You can see lots of pictures here.

My favourite shot of the holiday is where we inadvertently posed net to the nudist section of the beach.

Barcelona day two segway photo


I enjoyed the lovely weather by floating around in pretty vintage dresses.

First this handkerchief dress complete with pineapple handbag (as you do). More pics here.

vintage pastel dress pineapple bag breeze

And this lovely Indian silk dress which I took for a spin after World Gin Day. More pics here.

vintage purple paisley dress close-up2


I enjoyed being a tourist in my adopted home city. Blazing sunshine + iconic buildings = long lazy days spent with friends.

I will NEVER tire of this view (or the Southbank in general).

Houses of Parliament London

Many an evening was spent grabbing some food and a drink and catching up with my friends for a cheeky Snog (the frozen yoghurt, we’re not that kind of friends).

vintage tartan trousers selfie sunshine portrait2


Someone turned the thermostat up on the London weather this month as I regularly donned shorts and tiny t-shirts just to do my food shopping.

Cue THIS crop top making its grand appearance…

I woke up like this charity shop t-shirt pointing2… along with these crochet shorts.

I woke up like this charity shop t-shirt shorts full length

I also embraced ALL the fruits.

fruity breakfast


Ooh it was a busy old month. I was back up north to celebrate a 30th birthday. More pics here

vintage white grecian dress floral vintage dress

Went to see the Amnesty charity gala of the Rocky Horror when it was broadcast to cinemas across the country…

Rocky Horror Live fancy dress Colombia gold top hat film posterMooched around London some more in search of award-winning beer

Greenwich stripy skirt red heels vintage denim jacket… and went speed dating.

speed dating portrait rose


New York (take two) with the girls. Ridiculous number of pictures here.

Common theme of the holiday? Eating. When we weren’t actually stuffing our faces we were talking about what we’d eat over the course of the week or actually plotting our next meal.

This was me on day one when I could fit into my skinny jeans…

New York hotel Chinatown view out of window

Then this happened…

Pizza at Lombardi’s…

Lombardis Pizza New York

Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea…

New York Alice's Teacu Mad Hatter's tea


New York cocktails
… and then it was leggings and elasticated waists for the rest of our stay.

Central Park fountain us 2


I ran a charity 10k with people from work (necessary attempt to shift New York podge).

westrun london team news associates
helen westrun london 2015 medalDecember


More panto!

wpid-wp-1450037600425.jpgand, finally, home. :)


Christmas Day 2015 selfie with parent

Hope you all have a very happy and healthy 2016 😀

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