London Fashion Weekend 2014 @ Somerset House

Before we headed down and experienced what my other half described as ‘hell on earth’ aka The National Wedding show, which I quite enjoyed, my friends and I dropped in to Somerset House to get a slice of the London Fashion Weekend action.

I was immediately struck with just how beautiful the setting was – this former site of a Tudor palace seemed a fitting place for fashion royalty to gather.

This neoclassical building played host to a variety of people from across the fashion world including designers, writers and make-up artists keen to peddle their wares and give a glimpse at what Autumn/Winter 2014 will bring trends-wise.

LFW Somerset House London

Although I’m not one for slavishly following trends, huge gold leaf eyebrows anyone? it was interesting to see what was considering the ‘in thing’ next season.

And just in case you forget where you were they had this handy sign out at the front.

London Fashion Weekend Vodafone sign

Cheeky sign which contains some blog love and lingerie chat….In praise of blogging London Fashion Weekend

Although the fashion stalls were packed to the rafters with beautiful items, which were spectacularly out of my price range, I was mesmerised by the building itself.

Check out the detailing on the ceiling…

LWF ceiling 2

… here’s another shot showing the archway design.

LFW ceiling

… And this enormous paper bird mobile dominated the staircase with great aplomb.paper birds mobile

Away from the gloriously high and beautifully-decorated ceilings and feathered feature was this chocolatey haven.

The Bueno Lounge not only shared the love with a trough full of these beauties but also offered free massages. Erm, yes please!

Needless to say we were scoffing on chocolate and getting pummelled, in a good way, before you could say ‘Bueno’.

Bueno Lounge sign LFW

So what does one wear to a fashionista event where there are more pleather leggings, faux fur jackets and huge fedoras than you could shake a stick at? Vintage of course!

Here’s the dress from my last post (which won the Ministry of Craft‘s Tell The Bobbin Who’s Boss competition!) being worn with my lovely warm coat and a pair of shoes I picked up second-hand earlier that week.

As you can tell by the picture it was a wee bit windy down by the Thames!

London fashion weekend vintageDespite the bracing breeze we all managed to pose for a pic before hot-footing it to the nearest Pizza Express for doughy overload and trying out some bridesmaids dresses at a top secret location.

After all the fashion and culinary excitement we wearily retreating to the sofa with a girly film and a bottle of wine or two. Bliss!

the girls



5 Responses to London Fashion Weekend 2014 @ Somerset House

  1. Vix says:

    I won tickets a few years ago and wasn’t impressed – depressingly mainstream and full of wannabes.Gorgeous building though!
    Your boyfriend’s description of a wedding show sounds remarkably like mine! x

    • manc_vintage says:

      Haha! I was more taken with the actual building – the clothes weren’t my thing but the chocolate and massages were a definite incentive! x

  2. Lorna says:

    Wish I could have been There! Love your coat for the occasion.


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