Knickers, pints and cobbles: The one where I go all northern at Coronation Street: The Tour before my southern migration

As the headline suggests I’m flying my northern bird nest and heading down to the warmer climes of the big smoke.

After a difficult couple of months personally I’ve decided to bid adieu to my lovely work colleagues and friends (pictured below) over at Mancunian Matters, and the North West generally, and take over the reigns at news website South West Londoner.

catalogue shot

But before I head off armed with a one-way train ticket and some luggage à la Dick Whittington I decided to treat some of my besties to some reet proper Northern sights.

First up was high street shopping mecca Liverpool ONE (to look for bridesmaid dresses) alas we came away empty-handed but discovered some lunch-time cocktail pitchers and Mexican food which were rather nice.

We then meandered down to Albert Docks to see the boats and spy the Liver Birds.

It was a pretty grey and drizzly day but I think we livened things up a little with our outfit choices. Liverpool Docks vintage dress

Here’s Shona and Emma posing like pros with that gorgeous still-as-a-millpond water behind them. Isn’t it a lovely setting?

Liverpool Docks friends

Just a hop, skip and a train ride away from Liverpool is Manchester, the home of Coronation Street.

Coronation Street: The Tour gives die-hard fans a chance to peek behind the telly curtain and walk on the hallowed cobbles where their favourite actors performed iconic scenes and hung out between takes.

Coronation Street Tour before we started

Corrie is the world’s longest running soap which first graced our screens back in December 1960.

Emma (on the left) is a huge fan and even Shona and I (who don’t watch it) were rather eager to get going and have a nosy around the sets.

Coronation Street Tour before we started jazz hands

Katie was a lovely, and incredibly enthusiastic, tour guide who expertly navigated us through the sets.Backstage pass close-up

Once we finished the photo-free studio tour we were released onto the cobbles and were allowed to stay as long as we liked and take as many pictures as we wanted.

Those who aren’t fans, see you at the bottom of the post!

First up was Nick’s Bistro…

Coronation Street Tour The Bistro

The Kabin…

Coronation Street Tour The KabinA rare shot of all three of us together outside The Kabin.

Coronation Street Tour The Kabin friends

Jack and Vera Duckworth’s unusual stone-clad house.

Coronation Street Tour Jack and Vera's house

Here’s me and and Emma taking a wee rest on the bench outside the Rovers Return waiting for the hordes of people to get their picture taken and skedaddle so we can get in on the act.

Coronation Street Tour outside the Rovers Return

In the meantime Shona basked in the neon glow of Audrey’s hair and beauty salon.

Coronation Street Tour Audrey's hair salon

One picture that was allowed to be taken on set (by the tour staff) was one behind the bar at the Rovers Return.

That place, plus all the other sets, are incredibly tiny. Goes to show that the big screen does add pounds (or in this case inches!)

Coronation Street Tour The Rovers Return inside

We managed to get our picture taken with no other people in shot, we even placed our bags carefully out of the way..!

Coronation Street Tour Rovers Return friends

Here’s the street as a whole taken from the medical centre/shop.

Coronation Street Tour overview

Kevin Webster’s garage…

Coronation Street Tour Webster's garage

Emma getting her knickers in a twist about visiting Underworld *hehe*

Coronation Street Tour UnderworldI’m not going to lie I have absolutely no idea what this is, but her eyes lit up when she spotted it so I thought it was worth a pic.

Coronation Street Tour trike

We also took a wander along the infamous ginnels (back alleyways) where all manner of misdemeanours took place…

Coronation Street Tour ginnel

Along with a pit stop at the pub’s smoking shelter…

Coronation Street Tour Rovers Return smoking shelter

… and the best place to grab a bacon sarnie, Roy’s Rolls.

Coronation Street Tour Roy's Rolls

Last but not least we visited the bus shelter where for one reason or another I couldn’t keep a straight face while Emma looked, well, shocked at something.

Coronation Street Tour bus stop

You might recognise my dress from this post. Mama Vintage unearthed this beaut at the Vibrant Vintage stall for just £5. Bargain or what?

floral vintage dress

Although I’ll be based in London for the foreseeable future I’ll continue to run Mancunian Vintage.

You can take the girl out of Manchester, but you can’t take Manchester, or the love of vintage, out of her!

So stay tuned for more posts about vintage clothing, home décor and much much more.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to the next exciting vintage-inspired chapter!

For more information about Coronation Street: The Tour, click here.

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  1. Joanna says:

    Oh this is such fun! I try to catch up with Coronation Street when I can. The thing is you can not watch it for 6 months and then put it right back on and catch up really quickly:) We get it on Hulu TV here in the states. I even remember when Hilda Hogden was on it with her curlers in her hair. Hope I’m spelling it correctly.

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