In pictures: National Wedding Show @ London Olympia

This weekend I headed down to the big smoke to have a catch-up with my London-based besties, eat, drink and be merry and do some wedding shizzle.

Don’t worry you haven’t missed anything – I’m not the one hot-footing it down the aisle any time soon – but my uni friend Shona will be in October this year. Exciting times!

As part of the build-up to the serious wedding shenanigans later this year, i.e. the hen do and, erm, the wedding, we decided to boldly go where no unmarried woman has gone before. The wedding show *gulp*

Love sign

I’m not going to lie I was a wee bit apprehensive about this having conjured up the image of thousands of bridezillas sharpening their elbows and going primal à la Mean Girls.

But once we entered the venue it was surprisingly civilised.

wedding show stage

I didn’t feel as much of a fish out of water when I saw this sign…

vintage area

… and was desperate for a brew at this lovely set up.

vintage area cafe

I honestly had no idea there were that many styles of wedding dress other than long or short, sleek or puffed out and one of many shades of white or off-white – what an amateur!

national wedding show catwalk masquerade ballI loved the use of birdcages and the brief embrace these two wannabe brides had while showcasing their dresses.

brides hugging

The ethereal quality of this look along with those super-sized florals was really pretty… not a look I’d manage to pull off but I’m sure there are some out there who would look wonderful in this.

ethereal wedding dress floral headband

On the other end of the dress scale were these coloured creations which ranged from lightly dip-dyed in candy floss…

dip-dye wedding dress… to this bold silk creation which I’d be more inclined to wear as a guest rather than as the star attraction, but again each to their own.

silk multi-coloured wedding dress

And it wasn’t just the ladies who strutted their stuff down the catwalk, check out this sunglasses-inducing number that groom one showcased.

salmon pink groom suitI’m not sure how practical this ringmaster-inspired look is but I absolutely loved it!

circus groom and bride

Check out the bright colours, the tail and the brass button details on this bad boy… I want one of these jackets of my own, you know to wear over my skinny jeans should the occasion arise.

circus theme groomAway from the catwalk there were some gorgeous dresses including this dreamy full-length dress…

vintage lace wedding dress back… the cascading train is so elegant.

vintage-inspired lace trainThis number is a little less whimsical but ticks the 1950s princess look perfectly.

vintage lace detailed three quarters dressI’m not sure I’d be the one to wear top-to-toe candyfloss pink, and with so much tulle, but there’s no denying that it looks like a lot of fun to wear.

pink tulle wedding dressIt seems the traditional veils are largely being ditched and replaced with all sorts of sparkly headdresses.

vintage-inspired bridal head dresses

 On our many rounds we decided to try out one of many photo booths dotted around the venue. Aren’t we a classy bunch?  Bridesmaids photoboothIf you’re looking for some wedding inspiration then this is the place to while away the hours and see just what the UK’s thriving wedding market has to offer.

Granted it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but having spent a whopping four hours there last weekend I strongly suggest that once all the wedding planning is done for the day, taking a trip to a tearoom offering all kinds of cake and chat afterwards is the thing to do!

For more information about the National Wedding Show and when it lands in Birmingham and Manchester visit

Mean Girls video courtesy of Paramount Pictures via YouTube, with thanks

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  2. Rebecca Tan says:

    my goodness I wanna go to one of these shows!!!! sooo badly! looks so so good! alas I’m not engaged….yet!!! looks like you had an amazing time! x

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