Crafty Magazine blog tour: Sarah Corbett’s A Little Book of Craftivism

Today’s post is the latest in Crafty Magazine‘s book blog tour looking at Sarah Corbett’s A Little Book of Craftivism.

As heralded by that John Lewis advert, finally being able to open our advent calendars and the Coca Cola lorry spreading festive cheer, joy and vegetable-based drinks – Christmas is certainly a-coming!

If you want to give a something a little different this year but don’t necessarily fancy gifting a goat or a school desk to some far-flung destination in Africa then why not look closer to home and send your loved one a copy of A Little Book of Craftivism?

A Little Book of Craftivism front cover

PINT-SIZED BOOK: Perfect for reading and crafting on the go

Perfect for novice and experienced crafters alike a heart-felt introduction to what craftivism is and how to make your very own crafts with a conscience to affect change is nestled within its 63 pages.

The first project includes how to stitch your own mini protest banner, like the one I made here, and where to hang it for maximum exposure to  get people thinking about particular issues.

However it’s not all doom and gloom stats and quotes – I absolutely love this Superman-themed banner which is eye-catching, funny and gets the point across perfectly.

A Little Book of Craftivism front cover Superman

HEROIC EFFORTS: Superman gets involved

The ‘don’t blow it’ hanky project is not to be sniffed at (groan) and is another simple but really effective way to capture people’s attention.

If one of these was sent to the newsdesk where I work embroidered with a particular issue of concern I’d be sure to follow up with a phone call or two.

And the great thing is your stitching doesn’t have to be perfect…. as long as you can hold a needle and thread and want to get your message across your good to go.

Cult jewellers Tatty Devine also got in on the act and collaborated with the Craftivist Collective to make some gorgeous shrink plastic Valentine’s Day keyrings.

The first batch of these bad boys were scattered across the capital to share love, not only for just one person, but for the earth and other people.

The idea of stumbling across one of these accompanied with a letter, in all sorts of random places including gaps in walls, cash machine slots and shop shelves, sounds like the kind of thing that would happen in a film. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

Sarah Corbett A Little Book of Craftivism Flickr

This pint-sized guide makes it the perfect size to pop in your bag making it really easy to get crafting on the go and give curious commuters the opportunity to have a nosey at what you’re making.

This book isn’t preachy, it gives practical advice to people who fancy getting involved with craftivsim and it looks fabulous. What’s not to love?

The lucky recipient could even get crackin’ post-Christmas dinner while the Queen’s speech is on and the rest of the family is gently snoring in the background.

Crafting about social issues beside a roaring fireside? Sounds perfect to me!

A Little Book of Craftivism can be found in many good retailers, but can also be bought direct from the Craftivist Collective here.

The first stop in this tour was at Crafty Mag and is due to head over to Tom of Holland before winding up at Otesha later this week.

Picture of Sarah Corbett with the book courtesy of Craftivist Collective via Flickr, with thanks

6 thoughts on “Crafty Magazine blog tour: Sarah Corbett’s A Little Book of Craftivism

    • Win-win situation there! It’s definitely worth a read, and it’s so pretty. Even if non-crafty peeps check it out they can admire the pictures and get an insight into what the Craftivist Collective is all about.

  1. That looks like a smashing little book. I only have one female friend to buy for and she’s an artist anyway but I bet loads of people would be happy with that! x

    • Absolutely – and it’s something for a crafty chap in your life – check out Jamie Chalmers aka Mr X Stitch – he is super talented at, erm, cross stitch! x

    • It’s amazing what you can do with cross stitch, I definitely fancy giving this a go…. when I’m a bit better at it!

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