Bank Holiday procraftination: Marvel(ous) superheroes, pom pom slippers and retro sewing inspiration

I love Bank Holiday weekends. That extra day off work makes Sunday feel like a second Saturday and there’s nothing like that ultra smug feeling on Monday morning when you’re still lazing in bed safe in the knowledge that you can get up whenever you want.

On the flip side Bank holidays are traditionally cold and wet affairs and this weekend has been no exception.

Earlier in the week we were given a taster of what gorgeous weather the UK can deliver, with all us office monkies complaining that it was too hot to work and eating an obscene number of ice lollies in the name of cooling down and attempting to get some work done.

Lisa Devlin Photo Helen and Stephen sunshin

HERE COMES THE SUN: Basking in the glorious weather (© Lisa Devlin Photography)

The ying of complaining has been swiftly matched with the yang of torrential rain and wind. Fabulous.

However this hasn’t stopped me and the family from battling against the elements, getting out and about and picking up a few bits and bobs.

So far this weekend I’ve been:

Giddy with excitement when this bad boy landed on the doormat less than 24 hours after I ordered it.

Tilly Walnes Love at first stitch

LOVE AT FIRST STITCH: Tilly demystifies dressmaking

Pondering, with seam ripper in hand, how to transform this dress into something a little more exciting

blue stripy dress full length

TIME FOR A MAKEOVER: Thrifted dress

Salivating over this bargainous sewing pattern I picked up on a recent charity shop expedition (and laughing at the saucy split in option one!)

simplicity sewing pattern charity shop

SIMPLICITY: Retro sewing pattern

Wearing my new pom pom slippers and getting a second wind on my cardigan after frogging an entire front panel. (grr)


Geeking out at the Marvel wrapping paper we used on Dad’s birthday present.


MARVEL-OUS: Comic book hero wrapping paper

…. and eating an alarming amount of Camembert. What can I say? It’s been my kind of weekend!

What have you been up to? Embracing the weather or hibernating on the sofa until the sun comes out again?

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7 Responses to Bank Holiday procraftination: Marvel(ous) superheroes, pom pom slippers and retro sewing inspiration

  1. Amy says:

    Your hair is amazingly glossy! Can’t wait to see your refashion on the dress

    • manc_vintage says:

      Ah it’s the good ole water from the North West – should bottle it and sell it – give Pantene a run for its money 😉

      Hoping to get going on the dress refashion tonight *watch this space* :p

  2. Lovely photo of the pair of you and totally digging those slippers! x

  3. Janey says:

    Yes! I know that feeling your describe about having a holiday on Monday.

    Your slippers are a hoot!

    Ugh, I have been hibernating whenever the weather is crummy! I am so over the rain!


    • manc_vintage says:

      Occasionally you just have to brave the rain, but sometimes it’s nice to just batten down the hatches and enjoy a good film all warm and dry at home :) x

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