At the (blog) hop! Find out what makes me, and other bloggers, tick

As I’m hopping about from house to house, and job to job, it seems fitting that I was invited to take part in a blog hop!
The uber lovely Amy from Almond Rock is incredibly nifty with a needle and thread and has created a drool-worthy handmade wardrobe.
I can’t pick a favourite (there are too many!) but I love her My little French dress that she revealed when Le Tour landed in her native Yorkshire.
The attention to detail when matching the fabric is enough to make Patrick Grant swoon… I particularly love the way two dogs appear to be sniffing one another!
If you haven’t visited Almond Rock before you’re in for a real treat.
I suggest putting the kettle on and grabbing a couple of chocolate digestives  you might be there a while!
So without further ado here are my answers to the blog hop…
Why do I write?

I’ve always loved writing. Whether it was telling my primary school teacher what I’d done that weekend or inventing outlandish tales about a pirate called Roger and quizzing the teacher whether or not ‘Roger’ should be spelt with a ‘d’ I caught the writing bug early.
When I moved to secondary school years I threw myself into protracted essays as to what Macbeth’s flaws were (there were lots) and whether Iago was such a bad guy after all (turns out he was).
As career talks reared their ugly head the natural direction seemed to be journalism, or becoming a millionaire over-night-success author. slogan tee i'm kind of a big deal
I decided on journalism as I loved to chat to people and write… and I wouldn’t have to rely on producing a Harry Potter-esque smash hit.
I’ve spent a few years in Manchester working for Mancunian Matters as Features Editor and will start in my new job as Editor of South West Londoner on September 1.
You may be wondering why, if I’m writing full time anyway, I choose to run a vintage lifestyle blog too.
I refer you back to the beginning of this answer – I love writing.
I also love vintage styles of clothing and homeware and could write about them until the cows come home.vintage pastel dress Retro Rehab Manchester knees
I do the odd vintage story for work but as a general news, features and reviews site it would be a bit much to have a new vintage-themed story popping up a few times a week.
So I set up my own corner of the internet that I could jam-pack with as many vintage-inspired posts, and pictures, as I like and voila Mancunian Vintage was born!
What am I working on?
There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to work on all the things I’d like to be doing! (Anyone else feel like that at times?)
Once I settle into my new work role I’ll be able to get the blog back where I’d like it to be content-wise including more sewing and knitting projects, more thrifty finds and a little bit of home interior.

NAUTICAL BUT NICE: Breton-inspired jumper

NAUTICAL BUT NICE: Breton-inspired jumper

As I’m moving to London there will be plenty of new places to explore and people to meet, I’ll have to work hard to represent the Mancunians down there!
How does your blog differ from others of its genre?
Hmm, tough to say as there are thousands of blogs out there all occupying the same sort of territory.
I like to think of the blog as a Heinz 57 kinda gal.
It offers readers a little taster of a variety of things that perhaps more niche blogs don’t offer. Haigh Hall 60s mini dress parasol mum yellow dress tickling
By covering events, outfits, places and a sprinkling of knitting, sewing, upcycling (and the odd cameo appearance from Mama Vintage) it’s the kind of blog you can dip in and out of.
I’m particularly chuffed with how a variety of upcycling projects have gone especially this blue and white mini dress and this paisley number.
I’m determined to get working on another one soon – I just love how something destined to linger at the back of a charity shop store, or even in landfill, can be completely transformed.
How does your writing process work?
It’s half planning, half flying by the seat of my pants.
Ideally I scout out any events or TV programmes in the next two or three months that I’m interested in covering and pop them in the diary.
Then if I’m working on a big crafty project I like to share the beginning, middle and end stage, so I see where I am on them and plan posts accordingly.
Around the fixed posts there are a variety of outfit posts I can pop in there, maybe the odd vintage-style feature, a sewing to-do list and pictures. Lots of pictures! Mancunian Vintage Year in Review 2013
My nominations
First up is Charlie of Gin Fuelled Blue Stocking. She loves good gin, great food, crafts and a whole lotta vintage style.

When she’s not busy with all of that she pounds the pavements, lifts weights and does burpees until she can stand no more in the name of honing her body and writing about it on Coffee & Creatine. My second nomination is Susie from Old Fashioned Susie. A vintage maven with a penchant for sewing, gorgeous interior design and her two adorable daughters, Susie lifts the lid on what it’s like to be a vintage-loving mum. You’ll be able to check out their blog hop stories on August 25.

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