About me

I’m a London-based vintage shopaholic (originally from Manchester) with a penchant for tea, pretty dresses and sniffing out bargains.

Since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I’ve spent my weekends armed with an open-mind and heaps of small change visiting charity shops and church fairs rummaging for fabulous buys.

In that time I’ve scored some serious second-hand booty and learned that one man’s rubbish truly can be another man’s treasure.

1970s mini dress refashion sunglasses

I’m Editor of South West Londoner specialising in human interest stories to eclectic ‘real life’ pieces with a health dollop of celebrity scoops thrown in for good measure.

I also freelance for the Oxfam Fashion blog, transforming the ugly and over-sized into wardrobe-friendly staples, and also write for those crafty so-and-sos over at Craftivist Collective.